Travel Photograph



I was trying to think of something deep and serious to put on this front page, but stuff it, that's just not me.

Many years ago, I had my first midlife crisis that involved a franchise, cheese, sugar and cakes. It was awful. Glenda (my ever patient wife) told me I was not allowed to have another one. As usual, I haven't listened to her. I decided it was time to roll the dice on life again and persuaded her (almost) that this was a good idea. SO... in 2015 we have quit our jobs and plan to travel to rural areas of Australia doing housesits on farms wherever we can. From my childhood, I have always loved the country and had a hankering to live there, but it was never financially viable. Glenda also has the country connection with her degree in Agricultural Science. 

I love photography, some would say, to the point of obsession, and who am I to argue. My aim is to amass a portfolio of "things rural"... beautiful, interesting, frightening... anything really. They will be displayed here as I amass them along with other photographs as I get time to upload. Of course, they will be for sale (hint hint) if anything grabs your fancy. I will also add in some of my other photos from previous travels.

There will also be a blog (isn't there always!!) so if you would like to share some of my travels, please feel free... I promise to try and make it entertaining. Please leave comments/encouragement/abuse to let me know I'm not wasting my time.

Oh, and why The Shod Hobbit? Well a charming gentleman I used to work with suggested my feet reminded him of hobbits. I do tend to wear footwear most of the time, hence the Shod and as with some hobbits, I have a hankering to travel. And it's not as boring as "Gary Beresford Imaging" or something equally as inane...

Please feel free to peruse the images under the Photographs link. I will be adding to them as often as possible